Discussion Kids Unscripted Roundtable Family

Episode 004: Magic

Episode four brings our first "dealer's choice" format, in which the girls pick the topic.  Moving forward, this will occur every fourth episode, likely leading to some really interesting topics.  This week the girls settled on the topic of magic, and hilarity and chaos ensued, along with several shoutouts to Hello from the Magic Tavern, and a fresh new cause for you to support, #StopBlackMagic2017.

Episode 002: Time Travel


In episode two, we went on location for dinner, and discussed the theory of time travel over pizza and salad.  It's almost impossible to talk about time travel without mentioning Back to the Future or Hitler, and this is no exception.  Being on-location, the audio is not optimal, and even with as much as I was able to clean it up, still sounds less than clear.