Accidentally Uncovered a Den of Baby Rabbits

So, first mistake: I let the girls watch our turtles roam around the grass while I cleaned their tank.  One of them wandered off, Phoebe and Charlie each blamed each other, and now we're down to one turtle.  Honestly, it was my fault.  I should have never expected the girls to keep their eye on two different things at once, pretty damn irresponsible.  So, during the search for the missing turtle, while looking under all manner of bushes and grasses, I effed up again.  Hello, baby rabbits.  Then, just to make sure I made all of the mistakes possible in one day, I let the girls find the nest, by shooing away one of their friends that almost stepped on it.  For days, they couldn't stay away from it.  Now, the babies have left the nest with the mama... probably to be sure I didn't screw up again, and accidentally throw one across the yard.  :(