Phoebe: Gymnastics Part II, Electric Boogaloo

Oops, accidentally got some other kids in the video.  Oh well, it's focused on Phoebe, and if you're looking at the other kids, you're doing it wrong.  That there is the little springboard that Phoebe flipped off of, but I didn't catch it on video, so she's only tumbling here, like she was supposed to.  She was also the only kid in the class that was able to cartwheel over the obstacle without falling.  On her first try.  Nailed it, again.

Phoebe: Gymnastics

Christa and I had been talking about getting the kids into some sort of extracurricular activities since their swimming classes ended.  When we first moved here, they went to MyGym to play and have fun, but it was overpriced for what they were doing, and we ended up pulling them out of those classes.  So, we talked to the kids, and Charlie decided that she wanted to take karate, and Phoebe wanted to do gymnastics.  I'm not permitted to take videos at Charlie's karate studio, but Phoebe's going to The Little Gym, and as long as I don't include other kids in videos, they're fine with me taking them.  So far, she's done amazingly well.  On the first day, they were supposed to hop off of a springboard, and do a little tumble.  Phoebe did a complete flip.  Nailed it.