Charlie is amazing.  She's our superhero too, and here, she's refusing help, and teaching herself how to rollerskate.  Charlie may not quite be the natural athlete that Phoebe is, but when Charlie wants to learn how to do something, she will not give up until she learns it.  She's incredibly brave, tough, and determined.  She will fall down, skin her knees, wince, and get right back up and try again, she rarely cries about it, and she has no fear.  I was looking forward to teaching Charlie how to ride her bike without her training wheels.  When the day came, and her training wheels came off, she just rode that damn thing away.  I never had to hold her shoulders, give her a push, or even run behind her.  Why?  Because Charlie had wanted to learn, so, before those training wheels came off, she borrowed bigger kids' bikes, and rode, and fell, and got up, and tried again, and again.  Phoebe learned to ride without her training wheels over the course of a week, with our help.  Charlie taught herself, in three days.  She's really, really incredible.

Caped Crusader!

Thea and I go every day to "pick up Sissies".  I park far enough away that we don't have to fight for parking, and where we go to meet the girls, we can see where both classrooms let out, making sure nothing ever goes awry.  The few blocks we walk are always filled with running, racing, shoulder rides, or "hopping like a bunny".  This was the same day as her immunization, not much more than an hour later.  I think it speaks volumes about her character, and her resilience that she's running and smiling like any other day.  Our incredibly brave little superhero.

Immunization. Prepped, Prepared, Calm.

We've always had the kids on delayed shot schedules.  It's a decision we made, and it's worked out very well for us, and more importantly, for the kids.  Thea had her first immunization this day, and was well aware of what was coming, how, and why.  At three, she's old enough to understand getting sick, and why we don't want to.  She wore her cape, for extra magic, and extra bravery.  When it was time for the actual shot, she took it like a ninja, made of brick walls.  "Ouch!", and it was over.  Our tough, brave little girl didn't shed a single tear.