Bubble Extravaganza!

So, bubbles are like, the cheapest toy in existence.  At Target, the kids kept asking for all of these crazy, ridiculous toys.  So, we plunked some bubbles in the cart instead, and *shazam*, super happy kids, for like, six bucks.  We got bubble blowers, extra bubble solution, and even a throwable foam airplane that spits bubbles out of the back as it flies.  Magic.

One of These Things is Not Like the Other

Isn't there always a straggler?  While we were playing games, Thea fell asleep in my lap.  Once I moved her to the couch, Charlie climbed into my lap, and then she fell asleep, so I moved her to the couch as well.  So, Phoebe and I continued to play two-person-Pictionary, for pretty much forever, and ever.  It was almost midnight before she finally crashed, and if I remember correctly, she fell asleep while it was my turn to draw.

Caped Crusader!

Thea and I go every day to "pick up Sissies".  I park far enough away that we don't have to fight for parking, and where we go to meet the girls, we can see where both classrooms let out, making sure nothing ever goes awry.  The few blocks we walk are always filled with running, racing, shoulder rides, or "hopping like a bunny".  This was the same day as her immunization, not much more than an hour later.  I think it speaks volumes about her character, and her resilience that she's running and smiling like any other day.  Our incredibly brave little superhero.

Immunization. Prepped, Prepared, Calm.

We've always had the kids on delayed shot schedules.  It's a decision we made, and it's worked out very well for us, and more importantly, for the kids.  Thea had her first immunization this day, and was well aware of what was coming, how, and why.  At three, she's old enough to understand getting sick, and why we don't want to.  She wore her cape, for extra magic, and extra bravery.  When it was time for the actual shot, she took it like a ninja, made of brick walls.  "Ouch!", and it was over.  Our tough, brave little girl didn't shed a single tear.

Dance Party!

So, Phoebe, Charlie and I made a playlist of all of the stuff we listen to in the car, and at home, that we all like.   Over the years, the type of music that everyone in the family likes has all melded together. Everyone reaches out and brings a little more stuff to our scene.  Mom's Tegan & Sara, Dad's Foals and Shout Out Louds, and all the stuff Mom and Dad found together, like M83.  Then, we dance to it.

Full-House Teamwork. Almost.

When Mommy comes home from work trips, we all team up, and make sure that we get the last specks of dirt tidied up, and that everything is in its place, because coming home to a mess after a week of working sucks.  Everyone is happy to do it, we put on our "rockout" playlist, and go at it.  Thea generally just watches.  Because she's like that.  She's very helpful when she knows where something goes, and wants to do her part, but, she also like to not have to clean up.


Charlie was browsing Netflix while I was giving Thea her bath.  I heard her scream for Phoebe, and ran to the living room, to see what was wrong.  Powerpuff Girls.  They were on Netflix now.  Phoebe and Charlie used to watch "PPG" for a damn minute back in the day.  They were over the moon.  I finished Thea's bath, and no sooner had I dried her off and gotten her dressed before she was explaining to me that she wanted to go to Townsville, and meet Bubbles.  Another episode in, and she was dancing the night away to the theme.  Nowadays, it's Thea's favorite show, and every time we do her mouthwash, we pretend it's "Chemical X", the secret ingredient that created the girls in Professor Utonium's lab.

Hs & Is

Thea and I work on her letters at least two or three times a week.  In that time, I've learned that Thea learns very quickly.  I've also learned that Thea will show you what she's learned, if she feels like it, and doesn't really mind if that is fist-shakingly frustrating.  Sometimes Thea will know exactly what you want her to show you, know how to do it perfectly, and give zero fucks about just not wanting to do it.  If she weren't so sweet about it, I think we might have given up a while back.

Speed Demon

Thea wanted a bike, so, being awesome parents, we got her one.  Then, she didn't want a bike.  She just scooted around on it every once in awhile, using her feet on the ground to push her forward.  We kept trying to show her how to use the pedals properly, and she kept not caring.  Then one day, we were outside playing, and she asked me to push her.  I helped her get her feet on the pedals, and she just rode off.  I had to show her how to use the handlebars to steer, but that only took 30 minutes or so, the pedals were no issue.  Proving just like she did with learning colors, that she's a stubborn bastard, that knows how to do all sorts of stuff, but isn't going to do it until she wants to.


I thought it'd be fun if the whole family went miniature golfing.  When I brought it up to Christa, she said "Let's go roller skating!", which we also did.  But there was a Groupon for this, so I took the kids anyway.  They all had a ton of fun, even Thea, who had zero interest in the actual act of golfing.  :)