Mission? Completed.

So Belle and a few of her friends love the band Basic Vacation.  Like, a lot.  So, they've gone and seen them a few times, with one of the other girls' dad.  They had a blast, and came home elated, like, cloud 9 elated.  So, a show was coming up, and Belle asked if she could bring some friends, and if we'd take her.  We're awesome parents, so we said "sure", and bought the tickets.  Since it was in NYC, I asked Belle if she'd want to drive, or go via train/subway.  She wanted to drive.  Christa spent an awesome night with the littler kids, I picked the girls up at a friends' and away we went.  They had so much fun.  This was after the show, after they guys in the band had remembered each of their names, they had hung out with them for a bit, and bought some more band swag.  Squuueeeee!

DDR. Not Sure if They're Doin' it Right

I remember when DDR was the thang.  People throwing down all over arcade machines everywhere.  I mean, taking this shit seriously.  It was like the Street Fighter II kids all over again.  I had about as much interest in it as I do having a donkey kick me in my face, hard.  But I always thought, man, that'd be a super cool game for kids, if all these teens weren't hogging it the hell up.  So, I saw this thing at the minigolf place, and put my biggest girls up on it.  They didn't seem as interested or into as I thought they would be.  The end.


I thought it'd be fun if the whole family went miniature golfing.  When I brought it up to Christa, she said "Let's go roller skating!", which we also did.  But there was a Groupon for this, so I took the kids anyway.  They all had a ton of fun, even Thea, who had zero interest in the actual act of golfing.  :)