Dance Party!

So, Phoebe, Charlie and I made a playlist of all of the stuff we listen to in the car, and at home, that we all like.   Over the years, the type of music that everyone in the family likes has all melded together. Everyone reaches out and brings a little more stuff to our scene.  Mom's Tegan & Sara, Dad's Foals and Shout Out Louds, and all the stuff Mom and Dad found together, like M83.  Then, we dance to it.


Charlie was browsing Netflix while I was giving Thea her bath.  I heard her scream for Phoebe, and ran to the living room, to see what was wrong.  Powerpuff Girls.  They were on Netflix now.  Phoebe and Charlie used to watch "PPG" for a damn minute back in the day.  They were over the moon.  I finished Thea's bath, and no sooner had I dried her off and gotten her dressed before she was explaining to me that she wanted to go to Townsville, and meet Bubbles.  Another episode in, and she was dancing the night away to the theme.  Nowadays, it's Thea's favorite show, and every time we do her mouthwash, we pretend it's "Chemical X", the secret ingredient that created the girls in Professor Utonium's lab.

DDR. Not Sure if They're Doin' it Right

I remember when DDR was the thang.  People throwing down all over arcade machines everywhere.  I mean, taking this shit seriously.  It was like the Street Fighter II kids all over again.  I had about as much interest in it as I do having a donkey kick me in my face, hard.  But I always thought, man, that'd be a super cool game for kids, if all these teens weren't hogging it the hell up.  So, I saw this thing at the minigolf place, and put my biggest girls up on it.  They didn't seem as interested or into as I thought they would be.  The end.