One of These Things is Not Like the Other

Isn't there always a straggler?  While we were playing games, Thea fell asleep in my lap.  Once I moved her to the couch, Charlie climbed into my lap, and then she fell asleep, so I moved her to the couch as well.  So, Phoebe and I continued to play two-person-Pictionary, for pretty much forever, and ever.  It was almost midnight before she finally crashed, and if I remember correctly, she fell asleep while it was my turn to draw.

Kids: Always Eating In Their Sleep

Kids.  Aren't they always doing something nutty in their sleep?  If they're not mumbling, sleeping in some confusingly uncomfortable position, or kicking someone, they're probably not really asleep.  This particular evening, Phoebe mumbled something about "tasty", so I paid attention for a second.  Sure enough, "sleepNOMs".  I only got a few seconds of this, but she went on chewing away for a good five minutes.